Gunanidhi has over 17 years of experience of which 12 years of micro-finance experience across Asia in India, Timore Liste, Nepal, Myanmar, and has been working in PNG for the last 3 years supporting micro finance institutions with their operational viability.

    He was engaged by the Bank of PNG and supported by ADB to provide mentorship to Micro Finance organisations, Savings and Loan Societies and streamlining their systems and procedures for business growth. Such include Kada Poroman Microfinance Ltd (KPML), East New Britain Savings and Loan Society Ltd (ENBSLS), Niu Ailan Savings and Loan Society Ltd (NASLS), Manus Savings and Loan Society Ltd (MSLS).

    He was Business Mentor to these micro finance institutions in PNG entails an assessment of existing systems and making recommendations where appropriate; providing support for software installation, training, after sales support, operations in lending and field based capacity building. With these organisations he has been involved in formulating strategy around product development and reaching the target market in rural areas, and emphasized that products and services need to be customer-centric, rather than organisation-centric.

    Having worked in PNG for such organisations he has developed an understanding of the challenges the industry is experiencing and the cultural nuances to gain cooperation and productivity.

    Since November 2016 he has been employed as General Manager of WMBL. He is the driving force for the new management and striving towards achieving the goal of WMBL and taking bank into sustainable position.

    Mr David Koi has a total of 7 years work experiences in the Field of Human Resources Management, Marketing and Business Development. Three years as senior officer in various organizations operating in Papua New Guinea and having more than two years experiences in the micro banking. He is equipped with knowledge of branch operations both back office and front office functions and customer satisfaction through agency and branch banking. His core roles currently involve coordination of Branch operations, branch expansion and Business Development through sales & marketing primarily for building savings clientele base simultaneously work to increase savings mobilization for the organization. He was instrumental in drafting operational Policies and guidelines for organizations. He was engaged together with drafting of business proposals concerning sustainability and development of the organizations.

    Mr. Alphom Kipi has been working in the banking industry for more than 9 years especially in lending, almost 7 years with BSP in lending & recovery. He is now two years with Women’s Micro Bank as head of lending. He was instrumental on incorporating Credit Manuel 2016, design new loan products according to current market & customer demands. Due to his skill and demonstration the loan portfolio is successful and healthy in PNG market. He has attended several IBBM trainings especially in lending and is a specialised BDS Trainer.

    Mr Albert -graduated from UNTECH-LAE with a Bachelor of Computer Science having more than 22 years of varied experience in the field of Information Technology, Albert has served with Able Computer Ltd- (Software Section)/ Shady Rest Hotel / Lamana Hotel – as IT Manager for 15 year / joined WMB in 2015. He has wide experience on handling hardware and software installation & maintenance. He has experience in bigger institution’s network servers/Work stations/Software Application. He has hands on experience with CCTV, NEC PABX, IPVPN, wireless network, VoIP, Hubs & Switches-POE.

    Melisha Sindiwan is a graduate from Divine Word University with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management with honours and received the recognition by the university. With her wide leadership experience and public speaking skills gained while in university in her leadership roles as student leader in various groups and organizations in school, She do Gender Advocacy for the bank in different forum and represent bank to support women in the works of the bank and advocate more on gender equality in microfinance in PNG.

    She was awarded the RD TUNA CANNERRS Limited award for academic achievement and active involvement in the promotion of career development and promotion of PNG women and girls which she made a significant contribution to the university and for being a role model of good conduct and behaviour exemplifying RD Company and Divine Word University’s values.