Meri Moni Saving / Business Account:-

This Savings account can be established by any female to conduct normal banking transactions on unlimited deposits and withdrawals. Women can open a personal or joint account with her spouse or with her immediate family to manage family money. This product can be cash collateral for all personal / business loan. MMS account can open with minimum amount, Male are allowed to open account through their female counterpart. All genders are eligible to Open Business Account under their Business name, both for informal and formal business activites.

Pikinini Savings Account:-

The applicants are children from ages of 1 (one) month to 16 years of ages. This savings product enables parents to save for their children higher education , All Pikinini are eligible if their mother is the trustee and money can be withdrawn at the age of 16 years old for higher education.

School fee Savings Account:-

Applicants are school aged students from ages of 5-16 years, This saving account is for parents to saving for they children school fees each year or long term saving, withdrawal are done only in January or February if each year,

Salary Saving Account:-

This SSA account is for all salaried customers via salary deduction, customers can saving their money through salary deduction each fornights for their retirement or any long term GOAL, No fees levied in this account and a good interest can be earned by customer by putting longer period of time.

Retirement Saving Account:-

The RSA is an account created within Women’s Micro Bank for specifically for retirement benefits,It allows you to preserve your retirement savings so you have access to funds for a secure and comfortable, the fund can be accessed at the time of retirement or when attain 60 years of age for comforable lifestyle, it removes the temptation to spend all your money now and nothing for future leads to a fateful life.

Fixed Deposit (IBD) / Monthly Income Scheme:-

With this product Customer can make money of their idle money, it allows customer to deposit on different amount with different terms, Interest cab be given on maturity of terms basis based on customers need, All Genders are eligible and WMB offers higher rate of interest with respect to other regulated financial institutions.

Recurring Saving Account:-

This product is for fulfilling the long term dream of customer and aim to inculcate a regular habit of saving among the customer. , Customer can deposit a small fixed amount of money every Fortnightly / monthly for a long term, RD offers you a fixed interest on the invested amount at a specific frequency till the pre-determined term or up on maturity. At the end of the term, the amount upon maturity(which is your invested capital) a good interest rate applied on customer saving account.